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Background of the paper If you are learning English at a college , school or further education institution , you join approximately one billion other people around the world who are involved in the same pursuit . However , because you are trying to memorize proper grammar , and try to avoid the common mistake for students learning English , you might be wondering why you can learn English in the first place . Language plays an important role in human life . One seeks to acquire , learn and use the language as a means of communication , and social as well as a symbol of humanity . By using the language a person can make statements , convey facts and knowledge , explain or report something , and maintaining social relationships between the users of the language . This shows that by using language , people can express their ideas , feelings , etc. of information through communication . In developing countries such as Indonesia , the UK has a vital role in all aspects of life , especially in science and technology . Furthermore, it can be used to develop relationships in international forums , to read English books ( especially for students from elementary school to college / university ) , to strengthen the relationship between the nations of the world , etc. As students , we learn English intended to acquire a variety of knowledge , to understand and comprehend textbooks in English learning , to acquire knowledge and skills , and ready to go to university , as one of the requirements of the test for senior high school students ( high School ) , etc. Given the critical role of the language in , which is why English is very important to understand and master by every people around the world since the previous year . As global or universal language , English is not only enables us to communicate and

interact with everyone around the world , but also can change our lives for the better . In addition , we also have to realize that the western countries played a remarkable role in developing and maintaining science and technology . So , if we wanted to be skilled scientists , linguists , and able to compete with other countries in the world , we have to understand , master and learn their language , namely English . Lastly, if you study English at school , college or university , remember that getting an ‘ A ‘ in English is almost worthless , in terms of communication , if you can not speak the language . Spoken English is the best career , the best universities , and is increasingly being used at job interviews . So like it or not , English is the language that is very important to learn how to talk . English is spoken as a first language by around 375 million , as a second language by many people and as a foreign language by around 750 million . It has official or special status in at least 70 countries and is being studied by an estimated one billion people . These figures alone make the English language is important to learn in tourism, media, internet , business. 1.2. purpose of the paper a. Knowing the importance of English in the present and the future. b. Knowing the application or the role of English in everyday life. c. Knowing the reason why English is used as an international language. 1.3 problem formulation a. What is the importance of English language in the present and the future? b. What are the application or the role of English in everyday life? c. Why English is used as an international language?

CHAPTER II THEORY AND DISCUSION 2.1 why should English English language is referred to as a universal language. That is the language that is often used to communicate in different countries.In general English is divided into 2 IE, british and American. And usually people in various countries put on the American version of English. In addition to communicating in English language also plays an important role in finding a decent job that two years will face free market of AFTA.Although there is still a language that can be used as an international language. There are several reasons why the English language is used as an international language: 1. Historical Factors United Kingdom known as the country of inmperealis, where in the 17th century – 19 United Kingdom has occupied 2/3 of the Earth. Automated many countries using English as the official language. In addition, an independent State under British nationality makes the English as the everyday language. 2. order of the language Language of the United Kingdom has an extensive language order and tidy, so it is easy to learn and apply. Indonesia also has the actual order of the language as well as with the United Kingdom, only returned to the first factor had been the United Kingdom into the community because the Commonwealth of Nations formed by the United Kingdom. 3. more advanced developing era United Kingdom is known to have a more advanced civilization. Often new thoughts emerge from there. The United Kingdom’s position is strong in the eyes of International and is considered one of the main direction of civilization. Logically, if we

want to learn from the expert, of course we have to understand the language that he use


2.2 english now a days Nowadays english language holds an important role in the life of the global community. English langugae has now publicly acknowledged as the international language that has been domiciled in various industrial fields. Be it politics, economics, or art and culture. English language has invaded all sectors and dominated the pop culture society, the majority of the content of the (www) is written in english language. even now In a lighter perspective, we can see the development role of english language in pop culture society young Indonesia. The entertainment industry been filled by many English language content. Thus, it is necessary to realize the importance of education English language for us, Indonesia, society for future provision and careers that will or are currently living. Now, the global competition is getting tougher on Indonesia. By employ foreign labor force, population, we must seek more actively again in order to compete with the expat. Later, the foreign companies who invest in Indonesia growing a lot, and certainly they opened the opportunity to work in their company, especially to the people who can speak in english language. Education industry has realized the importance of the role English language in Indonesia. International schools started many we see in every corner of Jakarta, and in some other major cities. English language curriculum in schools nationwide have also been developed and/or renewed each year for current community needs. Courses of English language from a different world, or locally owned lots are found in every town. With a price range of different courses, language learning is available to any English language among the public.We Can’t denied the role of English language, particularly in Asian countries will continue to grow with over time. And similarly, in Indonesia, the English language will continue to play an important role in our daily lives. 2.3 the development of the english language The ability of English-speaking communities in Indonesia is recognized is still very minimal. According to a study conducted from 2007-2009, which was held by an institution of

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