Koi No Shirusi

Koi No Shirusi

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Koi No Shirusi

Koi No Shirusi
Koi No Shirusi

I found the symbol of love in your eyes that day,
when I realized it, the compass of my heart started to move!
I finally found the excitement I’ve been looking for,
no matter where I am, I can find it again, I won’t be lost ever again!

I’m sure we were destined for each other,
even from the millions of people around,
meeting each other is impossible to compute.
It gave the period mark to my very ordinary life,
I take a deep breath, I can finally graduate (into love)!

The blue sky is bright, the scenery you’re in
is overflowing with the aura of happiness, it won’t stop!
The fountain in front of the station makes a rainbow,
even the time I wait for you is irreplaceable,
my precious time!

You also found the symbol of love for me huh?
We share the same feelings, the same pieces!
It’s okay even if we get lost right?
No matter where I am, you’ll find me! Yes, I’m right here!

When we hold hands, I feel the door to the future is always open,
there isn’t anything to be scared of anymore.

My new dream expands, every day I feel I’m on a Merry-go-round!
But when we can’t see each other I feel sad…

I also love rainy days, your umbrella is warm!
I believe my love will never disappear.
We stare at the rainbow in the sky after the rain,
always holding hands, I want to walk in the light!

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